The following prices are for adult patients. For minors, please call us as this requires additional documentation and another visit. Note that prices do NOT include the state mandated fee for your ID card. For online payments, we add $2 to handle processing. 

  • Deposit

    This deposit secures your Initial Consultation and will be deducted from your initial consult balance.

  • One Complete Visit - Initial Consultation and Certification

    We obtain your medical records, review them and confirm whether you qualify, then register you on the state system and provide you with a 70 day recommendation.

  • Re-Certification

    This is your follow-up visit to renew your certification for 210 days to continue medical cannabis therapy.

  • Transfer Patient

    For patients with an existing medical marijuana card/profile who wish to transfer to Liberate for an initial consult and continued care. Patients will receive a 210 day recommendation.

  • Telehealth

    For Dr. Mitchell's Liberate patients with an existing medical marijuana certification who wish to recertify via telehealth. Please click HERE to schedule.

Register and Schedule your appointment at our Orange Park or Jacksonville Offices

Please choose a location below. If you have your medical records available to upload you can greatly expedite the process.

Orange Park

664 Kingsley Avenue #104, Orange Park, FL


2436 University Blvd West; Jacksonville, FL 32217